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Selecting an Email Service Provider

So youíve decided itís time to hire an email service provider or select a new one. And youíre seriously considering using only internal resources to do so. Letís take a look at how this process is probably going to unfold....

Are you even sure what you need in an email service provider? Figuring out what due diligence in selecting an email service provider should include can be as complicated as going through the due-diligence process itself.

Critical issues that must be considered include: What are the biggest challenges your organization faces with email? What do you believe contributes most to the messaging challenges you face? What are your primary goals?

Confidently managing the email vendor-selection process requires knowing in advance the hundreds of different variables that will most certainly come into play.

An experienced third-party email consultant will have inside knowledge of the various players on the email-marketing landscape, information you simply wonít find by looking at LinkedIn or Glassdoor, or by joining a discussion group.

Last Update: August 27, 2013

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