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Migrating/Integrating an Email Service Provider

Whether itís an integration project where youíre building an email program with a new vendor from scratch, or itís a migration project where youíre moving your email program from one vendor to another, it will be more complicated than you can possibly plan for.

No matter how good a planner you are, your email vendor migration will inevitably take more time than you think. In our experience, most executives who decide to do an email migration internally underestimate the time and money it will take by 30 percent.

The question isnít: Should you do an email migration/integration yourself? Itís: Why would you even consider it when you can transfer any potential liabilities to a third party and not spend an extra dime? Frankly, itís been our experience that partnering with Red Pill Email will probably cost you less than if you do the project internally.

Last Update: September 13, 2013

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