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Zeta Interactive
Supplier Description:  Zeta Interactive, a customer lifecycle marketing company, offers a comprehensive multichannel solution that unifies and unlocks marketing data. The Zeta Hub allows brands to acquire, engage and retain customers and increase marketing ROI.
Contact Name:  John B. Lewis
Contact Email:  Contact Member
Contact Phone:  267-994-4564
Contact Fax:  646-861-4650
Street:  185 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor
City:  New York
US Zipcode:  10016
UK Postcode:  n/a
State (if in U.S.):  NY
Region (non U.S.):  n/a
Country:  n/a
Vendor Added:  April 4, 2012
Homepage Hits:  321
Reviewed Listings:  Email Service Providers (ESPs) (4 Reviews)
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