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Average Rating based on 2 Reviews
Account Management  3.00/5  (3.00)
Documentation  4.00/5  (4.00)
Tech Support  3.00/5  (3.00)
Training  3.50/5  (3.50)
Usability  4.00/5  (4.00)

Compared to group vendor averages
Account Management  4.50/5  (4.50)
Documentation  4.19/5  (4.19)
Tech Support  4.46/5  (4.46)
Training  4.31/5  (4.31)
Usability  4.40/5  (4.40)

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Experian Marketing Services

With the industry’s largest client services team, sophisticated digital marketing technology and over 14 years of experience, Experian Marketing Services helps marketers maximize the relevance and precision of their digital communications.

Last Update: June 1, 2015

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